Special Category

The Special Category for 2022-2023 is the Environment.   Special category applications will be considered at a Trustees’ meeting in March 2023.

The Trust may contact charities that have applied previously.

Charities that fit within the special category may send an introductory email to the Company Secretary at info@newby-trust.org.uk describing their activities and their specific funding needs for the relevant year.

Thereafter, only charities that are specifically invited to apply will be considered. The Trust does not have an application form.

The Company Secretary or a Trustee may wish to visit applicant charities prior to consideration of a grant.

Contact Us

Company Secretary:
Annabel Grout


Correspondence Address:
Newby Trust Ltd
PO Box 143
Kingsbridge TQ7 9BY

Canal Trust

The Newby Trust supports the Angel Community Canal Boat Trust