Does the Trust fund capital projects?

The Trustees will not normally approve a grant as a contribution towards a major capital project (for example, a multi-million pound national appeal), but they might recommend a contribution towards a specific part of a smaller capital project (for example, an extension for a residential home for disabled people).

Does the Trust fund salaries?

The Trust does make grants for salaries, but does not usually fund campaigning or public policy departments. If the grant is for a new post, the Trust will not normally release the funds until a person has been appointed.

Does the Trust fund ongoing projects?

Yes, a project does not have to be a new project to attract funding.

Does the Trust provide grants for core funding?

The Trust will make grants for core funding or overheads, in particular for very small charities, but would expect a broad description of what the grant will be used for, e.g. rent, bills, insurance, IT etc.

How much should we apply for?

Grants are usually in the range between £2,000 and £10,000 depending upon the size of your charity.

Does the Trust fund local charities?

Yes, the Trust will fund charities which operate within a local area within the United Kingdom.

Does the Trust award multiple-year grants?

Most grants are single one-year payments but the Trust will consider grants of up to three years.

What reporting do you require?

The Trust requires grant holders to report on the use of the grant normally one year after the grant was awarded. The Trust does not have a particular form but would expect the recipient to provide information on what has been achieved with the grant. If the grant recipient has received grants from other funders for the same purpose, the Trust is happy to receive a copy of a grant report to another funder rather than requiring the recipient to prepare a separate report.

We are a UK registered charity helping people overseas. Are we eligible?

The Trust normally only supports people in the United Kingdom.

When is the deadline for applications?

The Trust accepts applications throughout the year. The Trustees consider applications at two meetings, usually in March and November. As a general rule, the Trust would recommend submitting completed applications at least two months in advance of each meeting.

Our application was rejected this year. When can we apply again?

In general, only charities that are invited may apply.

We received a grant last year. Can we apply again this year?

In general, only charities that are invited may apply.

Can we submit the application electronically?

Yes, the Trust prefers to receive applications and reports by email.

How will we know you have received my application?

You will receive an acknowledgement email, usually within a couple of weeks of receipt of your application. The Trust has one part-time member of staff so at busy times of the year it may take a while for you to receive acknowledgement.

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