Some Recent Grants

Grants are listed in the audited accounts which can be found on the Contact page.


The Trust wishes

  1. to enhance educational opportunities for children and young people through the funding of extra-curricular activities
  2. to support the personal development of children who need extra help to enable them to benefit from education
  3. to nurture ability and talent at all ages

The Trust has recently made grants in the education category to Debate Mate Schools, Bishopsland Educational Trust and Yes Futures.

In the social welfare category, the Trust has recently made grants to the Luminary Bakery, Street Doctors and Bags of Taste.


Contact Us

Company Secretary:
Annabel Grout


Correspondence Address:
Newby Trust Ltd
PO Box 143
Kingsbridge TQ7 9BY

Canal Trust

The Newby Trust supports the Angel Community Canal Boat Trust