What We Don’t Fund

The following is a list of organisations or projects that the Newby Trust will not normally fund:

  • Statutory bodies
  • Large national charities enjoying widespread support
  • Organisations not registered with the Charity Commission
  • Exhibitions, conferences or events
  • Individuals volunteering overseas
  • The promotion of religion
  • Work outside the UK
  • Large capital appeals
  • Endowment appeals


In general, only charities that are invited to apply will be considered for a grant. Charities that fall within the special category should send an introductory email to the company secretary at info@newby-trust.org.uk.


The Trust does not make relief grants directly to individuals. Payments are only made through an applicant organisation.

Grants are not normally made where the household income is in excess of £1000 a month.

Grants are not normally made for

  • Televisions or computers,
  • tumble dryers or dishwashers.
  • carpets unless the individual has a medical need or there is a baby/toddler in the household
  • Curtains
  • Rent, bills or council tax
  • Debts
  • Bankruptcy or DRO fees
  • Overseas respite breaks

Contact Us

Company Secretary:
Annabel Grout


Correspondence Address:
Newby Trust Ltd
PO Box 143
Kingsbridge TQ7 9BY

Canal Trust

The Newby Trust supports the Angel Community Canal Boat Trust