What We Don’t Fund

The following is a list of organisations or projects that the Newby Trust will not normally fund:

  • Statutory bodies
  • Large national charities enjoying widespread support
  • Organisations not registered with the Charity Commission
  • Exhibitions, conferences or events
  • Individuals volunteering overseas
  • The promotion of religion
  • Work outside the UK (except in the case of environmental charities)
  • Large capital appeals
  • Endowment appeals
  • Individuals


With effect from 1st July 2019, the Trustees of the Newby Trust agreed to delegate the administration of Newby Trust grants for individuals to the R L Glasspool Charity Trust (“Glasspool”).  For the past 5 years, the Trust has made a single annual grant to Glasspool. From 2024, this will be distributed by Glasspool under its Flexible Frontline Fund.


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