Trustees, Members and Staff

Trustees, who are also directors of the company, are selected from among the members and hold office for an initial term of five years.

The Trustees are Lisa Bartholomew, Danny Callaghan, Kate Callaghan, David Charlton, Anna Foxell, Antonia Gooder, Ben Gooder, Stephen Gooder, Evelyn Montgomery and Annabelle Montgomery.

The Trust now has 32 members from three generations.

The current Company Secretary is Annabel Grout.

The Trust supports the Royal School of Needlework in its Education category (Excellence) and Forget-me-not-Chorus in its Health category (Dementia).

Contact Us

Company Secretary:
Annabel Grout


Correspondence Address:
Newby Trust Ltd
PO Box 143
Kingsbridge TQ7 9BY